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In Memory of John Starnes BROCK Founder

"Should a Badger cross the path which though had taken, then good luck is thine, so it be said, beyond the luck of man."


If you go down to the woods today................................

Badgers are one of the best known wild animals, but are rarely seen. For many people their first incounter is a fleeting glimpse of a distinctive black and white face in the car headlights. Here in Cornwall badgers are an important part of the countryside and are widely dispersed in woodlands, hedgebanks and in dense undergrowth, they seem to be an unchainging symbol of wildlife. Strangely badgers have been persecuted for centuries and are still surrounded by myths which lead to their destruction. BROCK was formed by Mr John Starnes to dispel these myths and to protect these much loved creatures.


In response to growing public pressure, lead in Cornwall by BROCK, MAFF commissioned an independent review of the badgers and bovine TB issue. BROCK met the review team and the eagerly awaited repot was published in April 1986. Our doubts over the Ministers approach were justified and a new policy was brought out in June 86. The situation has improved, fewer badgers are being killed, but BROCK believes that MAFF must go further to solve the problem. The Campaign goes on:



BROCK began by questioning the legal killing of badgers by MAFF, we are now aware of other problems. The barbaric "sport" of badger digging and baiting is still widespread. It is illegal, but money is a stake and badgers are torn apart by dogs while their owners place bets on the outcome.


BROCK is committed to protecting badgers, recently we have been called in to advise housing developers about a badger set on site, and assisted on relocating a badger family which had chosen an old oil storage tank for their sett. The tank was unsafe and had to be pulled down, but only after the badgers had been successfully moved a few hundred yards up the valley.


BROCK exists to protect them: please support us.



In Memory of John Starnes BROCK founder



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