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Cornwall Badger Rescue specialises in the rescue and treatment of injured and abandoned badgers then organises their rehabilitation and subsequent return to the wild. The service is provided 24hr 7 days a week, just like any other emergency service.








News and Information,


Cornwall Badger Rescue Vaccination Program


We are encouraging farmers and land owners to vaccinate their badgers rather than to kill them. There are many, farmers who have no wish to have their badgers killed.


The views of the NFU and other farming organisations do NOT reflect the majority of farmers in this matter. We will endeavour to help any farmers / land owners wishing to have their badgers vaccinated. If you would like more information go to our vaccination page.



We are pleased to announce we also host and maintain the information from the Brock website.



If you have badgers visiting your garden, know of any badger setts or regulary watch badgers or have any news. We would love to hear from you.



Emergency Line

If you know of any Injured Badgers or come across one at the side of the road.


Please contact us immediatly, on


01736 797740

24 hr Answer Phone.


Mobile: 07831121949.


The safe handling of adult badgers requires experience. Inexperienced people should seek appropriate expert advice for assistance.


Beware of an injured badger.


Any injured animal will be very frightened and can be very dangerous!


An apparantly comatose badger can suddenly return to conciousness and become very aggressive.


You can't Help an injured animal if you get injured too!


If you see an injured badger in a road accident, find a safe place to stop;


Use hazard indicators to warn other motorists.


Take time to assess the situation from a distance. Approach slowly talking to the badger.


Test its reactions with a stick (rubbing it along the head towards the nose twice)




Retrieve and secure the badger, marking the spot where it was found, or...


Cover with a blanket and call for assistance on the numbers above or contact your local


RSPCA. Give exact location, your name and contact number and stay with the badger if possible.


If the badger becomes agitated or attempts to escape, retreat and monitor from a safe distance.


If possible the badger should be taken to a vet.


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